Friday, November 30, 2012

Stripes this Season

One thing I am in love with this season is stripes.  Somehow I have accumulated many, many, shirts which are striped, and I am none to sad about it either. They make me happy.  Some of these below pictures are of things I actually own. But, the rest are on my wish list, because-   I. Love. Stripes.
JCpennys $13 Tried this on and really liked it.


JCpennys $13 Love this one!
JCpennys $15 but I got it on Black Friday for $10!
JCpennys $16 Love it!
JCpennys $15 Got this in teal and dark blue for $10 (this is my favorite)
Kohls $20 I have this one in Grey and yellow and in solid cream
Kohls $23  Love this! Who thinks of putting ruffles on a sweater? <3 it!
   Ok:) What can I say? I LOVE striped sweaters!-Starz
Aeropostle $24 I love aeros sweaters!


The Sailor said...

Hey! Sorry I haven't gotten to comment until now on your awesome bloggie! (At least I don't think I've commented yet...?)
Anyway, I love your beauty tips! & I loovve stripes too!
& I love your blog background! Where did you find it? So pretty!
God bless!!

STARZ* said...

Thank you so much! I love and follow ur blog to! My background is just whatever Google had to offer:)
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Love -s