Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eleanor Calder- My Style Icon


One of her two very classy and elegant tattoos! She has this and a small elephant on the inside of her other wrist.  But would you expect any less from the girlfriend of Mr. Tattoo Tomlinson?:)                

I will admit. I am a Directioner:) 
But, as you can see, this is more than just my love for 1D.  Eleanore Calder, for those who don't know, is the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson.  To get to the point, SHE IS SO GORGEOUS!! She is also my style icon. So I just thought I would share a bit of her lovelyness  to all my lovely's<3  El is very elegant and classy but very modest 99% of the time! She is sophisticated, stylish and someone who doesn't spend $1,000 on each outfit. Also, the majority of her clothes are from Topshop, my favorite store evvveeerr!!
What do you think? Is she worthy of our admiration? I think so!

Comment and tell my who your style icon is!  I would LOVE to know!!

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