Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New TOMS styles

So, it has been almost a year since I have written about the beloved TOMS.  They have since come out with many, many, super duper awesome styles!  Hope you love them as much as I do:)  Later Taters -S  (if you have ANY Q's about Toms- brand,shipping,styles,opinions, feel free to comment them! I will answer any and all.  I would be glad to help!)
Black Suede Women's desert wedge $89
Chestnut Suede Women's desert wedge $89

Gabriel Lackman Graffiti Women's Classics $68
Zebra Women's vegan classics $54
Pink tamin women's classics $54
Giraffe Women's classics $54
Plum Cord women's Classic $54
Magenta Indo women's vegan classic
Blue canvas women's classic $44
Gabriel Lackman pink stripes women's classic $68

Hand drawn dots black women's classics $54

Feed 12 Women's vegan classics $58

Gabriel Lackman Hand-Bleached damask Red Women's Classics $68

Grey suede Women's tomboy boots (botas) $99
Teal Colton Womens Classics Cordones $74
Tierra Women's strappy wedge $69

Cenna Women's strappy wedge $69
Purple corbel women's wedge $69
Serena Women's Wedge $69
Wine cord Women's Wedge $69

These are the TOMS I have-  (I love them both!)
Snow Leopard women's vegan Classics $54

Ash Canvas Women's Classic $44

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