Friday, November 16, 2012

Today.......and Eyelashes:)

Hey, everyone!  It has been an extremely loooong day for me.  So, I shall keep it short and sweet!

Tonight was performance and it went wonderfully! 
EVERYONE stopped me and told me I did great and I got a few "Where have you been hiding that voice?!?"  I have been extremely flattered:)

I did my own stage make up (which I think turned out amazing;) I did a medium cat eye with a brown charcoal pencil and curled my lashes and added some sparkly tan shadow. I don't do blush but I did put a berry lip stick on.

Beauty tip for the day!:
I hate wearing mascara and it breaks my normally very long, dark lashes + I don't wear eyeliner but I get asked all the time if I do because of my lashes!  I do them like this-

Take your lash curler and place your hairdryer on top of it for 5 seconds on each side.
Wait till it is not hot enough to burn but still hot.
Open up your eyes and curl your lashes until the curler is cool.
Repeat on other eye.
Put a very small amount of vitamin E oil on your index finger then blink your lashes into the oil (tiny coat!) This will make them appear darker and keep them healthy.
Then take a lash comb and comb through them.
This seems like a lot but it takes me about 3 minuets from start to finish.

OK, I'm gonna go wash my face and then pass out in bed:)
I'm tired but sad its over.....we still have Tuesday though.....but I don't have a solo.

This is the dress we wore, btw.  But it is black.
It had a neon ribbon sash and the same color satin crinoline underneath.
I got purple:) It is so swishy!

Much love:)

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