Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tomorow is the Day

So, I have told you about show choir right? We have been practicing since august, I got the solo I wanted. We have had two dress rehearsals that went awesome, and my fellow performers and I are like family.  Tomorrow  is opening night!  I am so exited! Cross your fingers:)

So, That small little thing up there was just to short and boring so I thought I would include 5 of my favorite beauty tips as well....

1. Use Aloe Vera jell as a face mask!  It moisturizes and helps heals any acne scars.

2.My favorite face mask of all time is a green tea/honey mix- Brew a cup of green tea (I like mint or jasmine) and drink it! It is full of antioxidants!  DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR TEA BAG!  in a cup rip your tea bag in half and empty contents into the cup then add 1tsp of Honey. Mix and apply to face for 5 minuets. Rinse and your complexion should GLOW!

3.Use lavender oil on healing zits.

4.Use Honey on anything infected. (if a zit is swollen and hurts its infected) It works really well on cuts and such.

5.Put your moisturizer in the freezer for 10 minuets before applying and your face should feel cool, refreshed and clean:)

Now, what color should I paint my nails for tomorrow?......

I will wright about how it gose:)
-Your very exited Starz


The Sailor said...

Ahhhh, thanks for these tips!
I never would have guessed to try honey on zits.
I'll have to try that. & The mask sounds really good too!

STARZ* said...

Thank you! Yes honey works really well and the mask is my favorite because it makes your skin glow! plus its easy and really cheap!:)
God bless! -Starz