Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Candy Corn Nail Art / Here is to Posting Again!!

Hey Peepzies!  I am so sorry about my sudden disappearance!  I have been sooooo busy, its crazy!
I have had some kind of volleyball something about 4 days a week (only one more game left! I have had fun, but I am soooo ready for it to be over) + juggling all this extra school work (first year of high school) and trying to hang out with friends, eat have, family time and still get 8 hours of sleep a night is so hard.  O and I did not even mention show choir! I have been practicing and practicing some more.  I tried out for Lean on Me and got a call back, did the call back today and we find out tonight......cross your fingers!!! lol  The preformance is only a few weeks away and we are way behind but it is so much fun!:)  So, no more M.I.A.-ness for me.  Here is to posting again!

Adorable Candy Corn Nails! They are so easy to!  They took me about 5 minuets per hand (not including drying time).
The nail polish I used is:
Yellow: "Lightning" from Sally Hanson's INSTA-DRI
Orange:"Times Square Tangerine Creme"  from NYC
White:"French White Tip"  from NYC

Have a Fabulous day! Yours Truly -Very Tired Starz:)

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