Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Short Hair/ Loving Karlie Kloss's Short Hair

Hello Lovely's! It has been ages!
So, my hair is mid back length, and has been so for several months now, I love it, seeing how its beautifully ombred and can do just about any style with it.  However, I am never satisfied with much of any thing for very long so....I am going to cut it short!  Yes, that's right, short! Above my shoulders.  So, this is the hair style that I am going for, and my favorite model Karlie Kloss pulls it of so beautifully, I hope I can too. 

I would like side bangs, instead of the short ones she pulls off so well.  I love the beachey waves she has going on, so I have purchased a beach wave spray called Got2b Beach Trippen' which I will wright a review on and I plan on trying many beach sprays!  So, that is coming!  I hope getting my hair cut this short will help decrease my washing and styling time, which is waaaayy to long as of now.  I am crossing my fingers it takes less time and looks as cute as Ms. Kloss's!

So, who went and saw Monsters University?  The cutest movie ever!  If you have nott yet, go see it!  Now I'm exited for Dispicable Me 2 which came out today!

Have a lovely evening!-Starz