Saturday, November 19, 2011

The House with Nobody in It- By Joyce Kilmar

I had to memorize a poem for school and found this one.  I LOVE IT!! It's so mysterious and mesmerizing!  Don't you think?  Definitely my new favorite poem! 
The House with Nobody in It - By Joyce Kilmer
Whenever I walk to Suffern along the Erie track
I go by a poor old farmhouse with its shingles broken and black.
I suppose I've passed it a hundred times, but I always stop for a minute
And look at the house, the tragic house, the house with nobody in it.
I never have seen a haunted house, but I hear there are such things;
That they hold the talk of spirits, their mirth and sorrowings.
I know this house isn't haunted, and I wish it were, I do;
For it wouldn't be so lonely if it had a ghost or two.
This house on the road to Suffern needs a dozen panes of glass,
And somebody ought to weed the walk and take a scythe to the grass.
It needs new paint and shingles, and the vines should be trimmed and tied;
But what it needs the most of all is some people living inside.
If I had a lot of money and all my debts were paid
I'd put a gang of men to work with brush and saw and spade.
I'd buy that place and fix it up the way it used to be
And I'd find some people who wanted a home and give it to them free.
Now, a new house standing empty, with staring window and door,
Looks idle, perhaps, and foolish, like a hat on its block in the store.
But there's nothing mournful about it; it cannot be sad and lone
For the lack of something within it that it has never known.
But a house that has done what a house should do, a house that has sheltered life,
That has put its loving wooden arms around a man and his wife,
A house that has echoed a baby's laugh and held up his stumbling feet,
Is the saddest sight, when it's left alone, that ever your eyes could meet.
So whenever I go to Suffern along the Erie track
I never go by the empty house without stopping and looking back,
Yet it hurts me to look at the crumbling roof and the shutters fallen apart,
For I can't help thinking the poor old house is a house with a broken heart.
By Joyce Kilmer
 Hope you liked it!  Whats your favorite poem? Comment!  -Starz

Friday, November 18, 2011

The inspiration of the 60s fashion.

Hey chickies!
I wish magazine covers

 looked like this!

 I just wanted to stop by and share my love of the 60s fashion with you:)  I love this time period because its all so glamorous and inspirational!  So look back and be inspired in your fashion sense!    It would be soooo cool to have it all come back!  Wouldn't it? (especially the boots, hair and make- up!!:) 

Love the pattern!
love the hair, make up, and necklace!
Gorgeous twiggy with disco ball earrings!
Twiggy again!  Wouldn't this look awesome with black converses?
Love the hair and neckline!!
I dig the glasses!
Big Boots Fan!
Well, I gotta split-  Hang loose!  -S

Sunday, November 13, 2011


We have now reached 100 views of this blog!!  YAY!!!
Thank you so much everyone for visiting!
Less than 2 months of being on the web and already 100! WOW!
I hope it has blessed and encouraged you guys to read it as much as it blessed me to wright it!

LUV 2 ALL!!  Thx again!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Evelution Of The Worlds "Beauty"

Hello everyone!!! (sorry for my little vacation! I kinda got a little distracted with life;)

This is definitely something to think about and realize ladies!!

I think sometimes we all can get sucked in to the devils lies that tell us we are ugly on the outside and so we start primping more on the outside, and we lose sight that it's what's on the inside that counts. I know that in this day and age looking beautiful on the inside is not something that's taken seriously and people are more worried about their physical appearance.

I always kinda figured the magazine pix were air brushed but not THIS much!!  I thought it would be cool to share!  Hope you enjoy!  Its worth the watch!!

Even after putting about 5 pounds of makeup on, they photo shopped her and made her neck slimmer and taller, made her eyes brighter and bigger, made her lips more plump, made her nose smaller and her hair bigger! Its disgusting!!

I love what it says at the end 'No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.' It's to true. Hardly anyone can look that great without doing something to themselves to make them look better. She was a totally different women when they were done with her! I wouldn't even call her the same person.  She wasn't HER anymore, she was some kinda photo portrait that SOMEONE created!!

We are all so focused on being beautiful on the outside that we totally forget and we don't see how ugly we are on the inside. I must admit, I get caught up in the worlds lies of being only beautiful on the outside... it's really easy to do.

I'm a teenager, and I know how hard it is to do that - to stay true and be beautiful on the inside when the world is telling you to do drugs and alcohol and to be fake. How 1 Samuel 16:7 puts it - man looks on the outside. We judge people by how they look. Our natural instinct is to think that people who look not "normal" and how everyone else looks, we automatically avoid them and think they're weird. But God doesn't see what we look like on the outside. He doesn't dislike people who look weird. (As a matter of fact, He doesn't dislike anybody he loves us all!.) But He looks on the inside. That's why we need to be beautiful on the inside. If that's the part God (who is King of kings, creator and maker of everything) sees in us, then we want that to be the best part of us, right? After all, He is the one who is going to judge us on judgment day. If we choose Him and decide to be beautiful on the inside,we will be a lot happier and that will shine through which will make us ultimately more beautiful!

1 Samuel 16:7.

"But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

As always! -STARZ*