Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hair Inspiration:)

HEY! Happy Thanksgiving;) Yesterday me, my mom and my sister went shopping (food) and we found a Chinese market and an Indian market, so we bought a bunch of crazy stuff for us all to try today:) I am quite looking forward to it! We also went to mijer and bought a bunch of fruits we had never heard of, we needed some new traditions:) Alright, EVERY girl needs some hair inspiration every once in a wile! I love all of these:) Have fun!
Nicole Miller- Small fishtail braids
Tory Burch- Two large Fishtails on either side.
Chanel Show- Up, wet and slicked down.
Down and slightly curled long hair
Karlie Kloss at an Ellie Saab show- Side parted, kinky,tucked behind ears.
Karlie Kloss at a Chanel show- Up, slicked down with a fancy clip
curled, side bangs, side ponytail statement headband
Ballerina Bun!

Simple pony with a poof:)

Another pull back with a great headband.
Some GREAT pink hair!
It is time for me to get cooking:)   Have a SUPER Thanksgiving! -Starz*

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