Friday, November 30, 2012

Stripes this Season

One thing I am in love with this season is stripes.  Somehow I have accumulated many, many, shirts which are striped, and I am none to sad about it either. They make me happy.  Some of these below pictures are of things I actually own. But, the rest are on my wish list, because-   I. Love. Stripes.
JCpennys $13 Tried this on and really liked it.


JCpennys $13 Love this one!
JCpennys $15 but I got it on Black Friday for $10!
JCpennys $16 Love it!
JCpennys $15 Got this in teal and dark blue for $10 (this is my favorite)
Kohls $20 I have this one in Grey and yellow and in solid cream
Kohls $23  Love this! Who thinks of putting ruffles on a sweater? <3 it!
   Ok:) What can I say? I LOVE striped sweaters!-Starz
Aeropostle $24 I love aeros sweaters!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Define Necessity (x2)

Many of us are going to go Black Friday shopping......we get up at an un-civilized time of morning or perhaps are heading out tonight to fill our selfish desires with stuff  thats 'On sale'.  As we fight to get the biggest bestest deals, with full stomachs from our turky dinners, remember this picture.  We are so privileged. You may be way underprivileged compared to the next guy but we are FAR more privileged than they could EVER dream of being. As we turn on our Christmas music and flip out our check books.  Remember what truly matters.

That is all I'm gonna say .

Yours -Starz

P.S. This has been my most popular post....I wonder why?:)

Hair Inspiration:)

HEY! Happy Thanksgiving;) Yesterday me, my mom and my sister went shopping (food) and we found a Chinese market and an Indian market, so we bought a bunch of crazy stuff for us all to try today:) I am quite looking forward to it! We also went to mijer and bought a bunch of fruits we had never heard of, we needed some new traditions:) Alright, EVERY girl needs some hair inspiration every once in a wile! I love all of these:) Have fun!
Nicole Miller- Small fishtail braids
Tory Burch- Two large Fishtails on either side.
Chanel Show- Up, wet and slicked down.
Down and slightly curled long hair
Karlie Kloss at an Ellie Saab show- Side parted, kinky,tucked behind ears.
Karlie Kloss at a Chanel show- Up, slicked down with a fancy clip
curled, side bangs, side ponytail statement headband
Ballerina Bun!

Simple pony with a poof:)

Another pull back with a great headband.
Some GREAT pink hair!
It is time for me to get cooking:)   Have a SUPER Thanksgiving! -Starz*

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today.......and Eyelashes:)

Hey, everyone!  It has been an extremely loooong day for me.  So, I shall keep it short and sweet!

Tonight was performance and it went wonderfully! 
EVERYONE stopped me and told me I did great and I got a few "Where have you been hiding that voice?!?"  I have been extremely flattered:)

I did my own stage make up (which I think turned out amazing;) I did a medium cat eye with a brown charcoal pencil and curled my lashes and added some sparkly tan shadow. I don't do blush but I did put a berry lip stick on.

Beauty tip for the day!:
I hate wearing mascara and it breaks my normally very long, dark lashes + I don't wear eyeliner but I get asked all the time if I do because of my lashes!  I do them like this-

Take your lash curler and place your hairdryer on top of it for 5 seconds on each side.
Wait till it is not hot enough to burn but still hot.
Open up your eyes and curl your lashes until the curler is cool.
Repeat on other eye.
Put a very small amount of vitamin E oil on your index finger then blink your lashes into the oil (tiny coat!) This will make them appear darker and keep them healthy.
Then take a lash comb and comb through them.
This seems like a lot but it takes me about 3 minuets from start to finish.

OK, I'm gonna go wash my face and then pass out in bed:)
I'm tired but sad its over.....we still have Tuesday though.....but I don't have a solo.

This is the dress we wore, btw.  But it is black.
It had a neon ribbon sash and the same color satin crinoline underneath.
I got purple:) It is so swishy!

Much love:)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tomorow is the Day

So, I have told you about show choir right? We have been practicing since august, I got the solo I wanted. We have had two dress rehearsals that went awesome, and my fellow performers and I are like family.  Tomorrow  is opening night!  I am so exited! Cross your fingers:)

So, That small little thing up there was just to short and boring so I thought I would include 5 of my favorite beauty tips as well....

1. Use Aloe Vera jell as a face mask!  It moisturizes and helps heals any acne scars.

2.My favorite face mask of all time is a green tea/honey mix- Brew a cup of green tea (I like mint or jasmine) and drink it! It is full of antioxidants!  DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR TEA BAG!  in a cup rip your tea bag in half and empty contents into the cup then add 1tsp of Honey. Mix and apply to face for 5 minuets. Rinse and your complexion should GLOW!

3.Use lavender oil on healing zits.

4.Use Honey on anything infected. (if a zit is swollen and hurts its infected) It works really well on cuts and such.

5.Put your moisturizer in the freezer for 10 minuets before applying and your face should feel cool, refreshed and clean:)

Now, what color should I paint my nails for tomorrow?......

I will wright about how it gose:)
-Your very exited Starz

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Steve Madden Leopard Print Loafers

I am in love with these shoes. I have a picture of them that I found in a magazine that has been up on my bedroom wall for a wile, I have been admiring them for that long, not knowing who they where by or where to buy them from.  I found a pair at TJ Maxx for $25.00 recognizing them instantly. So, why didn't I buy them you ask? It would have been a steal for that price (they are $80 normally) but, alas they where a size 6 and I am a size 9......for all the reasons to wish your feet where smaller!

Leopard Print seems to be my new obsession.  I just love it!
These are going on my Christmas list for sure! Whats on your Christmas list?

Love always:) -Starz