Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY Shorts! (If we ever get to wear them!)

Hey Folks!  How has life been?:)  I'm glad the weather is FINALLY warming up, aren't you?  I'm ready for shorts!  It is still cold for April....  To get us in the mood, here are some DIY shorts ideas! They are ALL awesome ways to make your closet your own.  There is a lot of lace in most of these which I am so loving this season!

I did this! get a piece of tracing paper, trace your pocket, cut the lace, pin it down sew with clear thread!  20 minuets:)

Cut a corner out of your shorts, cut a peice of lace to fit, pin and sew!  Takes about 20 minuets!  Use clear thread for extra durability and you cant see not so nice stitching:)   

I did this too! it looks awesome!  Turn shorts inside out, pin lace, sew!  took about 45 minuets!

New sewing needed!  Trace the scallops out in white crayon or chalk, try on and cut!

 Hope you love them! Comment tell me what you did!
Happy so called spring!

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