Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2012

Dear 2012-
 I want you to know I will NOT by any means miss you.  However, I feel a need to thank you, you have tough me a whole awful lot.  I am a different girl, FOR SURE.

You have caused me great pain and heartache but, none the less you ave been very educational.

To sum it up,
 I am grateful for how far I have come in many aspects of life.
I have lost a lot of myself but gained a lot of fulfillment.

2012 has been-  Pain, Life lessons, Happiness,  laughter, Love and Friendship.
It has been a journey:)

Happy New Year!
 May 2013 be truly blessed!!
This was the 2008 ball, BTW
How are you celebrating?
 Talk to you next year:)  Cheers.

With much  Love, Starz

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