Thursday, April 25, 2013

Product Review: Tanda Zap/ Prom Tips

Hey Ladies!  How has your week been?  Is the weather warming up where your at?  I have been able to wear shorts!

About my Prom:  I had a LOVELY evening!  I did dance the night away, and I loved every minuet of it!!
We went to Johnny Carinos for dinner, then went over to a local hotel which has a pretty fountain, and took pictures of our group.  Then it was on to the ball:)  My jaws literally hurt from smiling so much the next day, as did my feet!  I ended up ditching my heels about five minuets into the dance.  It made it much better.  My advice, put simply, would be:
1. Even if you have closed toe shoes, make sure your toes are done. Because you will probably be taking your shoes off.
2. If you are going out to dinner before hand, bring gum to chew before you get pictures taken of start to dance.
3.Make sure you feel like a million bucks!!  Your night will be much more enjoyable if you feel good about yourself. 
4.Try your whole outfit on before the night of!  You don't want things not matching at the last second. Also, try out your make up several times before the night off!! This was a big life saver for me!
5. MAKE SURE YOU BRING A CAMERA!!!! You will not want to miss these pictures!  So make sure your phones batteries is all the way charged.

If you do these things, it will make your night a whole lot less stressful:)  If you have any Prom tips, please comment them. I would love to here them!

Product Review:  Tanda Zap

I got my Tanda Zap on Christmas.  Its quite expensive, and promises great things.  This is my review-

First off, I will say, I had HIGH hopes for this thing! Very high.
 I have had my TZ for exactly five months, so I think I qualify to review this product.  I want to cut strait to the chase.

Pros: Size (its quite small)                             Cons: Price ($50)
 What it promises to do                               Does not carry out its promises
 Reduces swelling and a little bit of redness.  Does not get rid of the zit.
 1,000 uses                                                  Only 1,000 uses

In the end, I would say, the only thing it is good for, is bringing down swelling.  That's it. If you get swollen acne, buy it.  If you don't, its a waist of money.

Hope this helps!


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