Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prom Time!

Hey Ladies:)  As prom time is coming up I thought I should share some ideas soon!   My dance is tomorrow night! Whew hew, right?!?  I'm pumped to dance the night away.....:)

For some reason I can't find a picture online of my dress.  Perhaps because its a little bit old,  I got it BRAND NEW at Salvation Army for $8!!  It still had the tags and everything.  It is a $150 City Triangle dress.
It is a floor length green/turquoise silk with sparkly beading around the halter top.  Beautiful.
These are my shoes!

By Touch of Nina $30.00

They have glass heels:)

Doing my make up something like this.
This is how I will be styling my hair!  Curly and pinned to one side.

I will be posting how it goes and some inspiration/suggestions for your prom!

Have fun! I certainly will:)

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