Monday, December 24, 2012

Beauty Tips and Christmas Wishes

Hey!,  In honor of Miss sailor from  who has so kindly commented such nice things and who loves my beauty tip I shall post more! That was my intentional purpose with this blog but it has some how become a fashion blog:)  So Miss Sailor, These are dedicated to you! Lol

1.Lavender oil is a great natural thing to put on a healing zit.
2.Rubbing a tiny bit on Vitamin E oil under and around your eyes during the cold winter months will keep them from getting chapped and crackly.  (am I the only one that this happens to??)
3.Mash 2 slices of peach and rub on your clean face to get a glow! Rince with warm water after 5 minuites.

I want to wish all my wonderfull readers a very merry Christmas!
Remember always what this season is really about!
Much love, Starz

p.s. sorry this post is so short! I still have much to do:)  I am going to make G-free donuts with my family to eat in the morning. Fun right? lol  have a wonderful Christmas eve and Christmas day! Spend it with family and keep smiling :D


The Sailor said...

Awwww that's so kind of you to dedicate this post to me! Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left over at my blog! I've heard so many good things about lavender oil... Definitely going to start using it!!! Thanks for the great tips!! I hope you had a very blessed Christmas!!

STARZ* said...

Thank You Kate! You are very welcome:) You seem like a really nice girl!
Lavender oil is a God send for sure.
Thank you for your lovely comments as well.