Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cute Rocker Nails:)

I saw these and they were on my nails in like 5 seconds flat!  They are so cute and oh so easy!  It took me about 10 minuets per hand.  Also I would like to welcome are new page "Fun ways to sign a Blog, E-mail or Letter" It features 35 creative ways to sign before your name in a letter, blog or e-mail! Check it out!
 All you need is tape and the 2 nail polish colors you want to use (I used black and pink) 

Put one piece of tape straight across the middle of your nail (so one side should be completely covered up and the other side completely exposed)
Now add another piece of tape running up and down. (you should have a small box area 1/4 of your nail)
Paint that box black (or your desired color)
After about 1 minuet peel of the vertical piece of tape.
Paint the other side of the box your alternate color (the other 1/4 of your nail)
After both sides are COMPLETELY dry, peel of the piece of tape that was splitting your nail in half.
Now you should have no tape on your nail, put one piece of tape running up and down creating a box like before. Paint the box black (or desired color).
You should have 1 1/4 of your nail left, paint it your alternating color.
Your done and have very adorable rocking nails!

Pink- "Twisted pink" by Sally Hansen "Extreme wear"
Black-"Black Out" by Sally Hansen "Extreme wear"

Jingle bells! -S
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