Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Star Wars Reterns!!!!!

Hey Everyone:) For all you Star Wars fans out there (like me!!!), Have you heard about the just announced, up and coming star wars episode 7?  I am so exited! The only Problem is that we have to wait till 2015.  I will be 17 by that point!  Star Wars has always been a part of my life, as my dad was 7 years old when the very first Star Wars movie came out and I can always remember seeing the box of my dads 3 original Star Wars VHS s having there place on the movie shelf, being promised that as soon as I was old enough I would be allowed to watch them.  Hearing story's of how my dad had a Star Wars themed room when he was younger and then finally being old enough to watch them and it being ME who wanted a star wars themed room:) I still want a light saber! I told that to my dad and he said "I have wanted one for over 30 years!". One thing I do know is that it is being directed by the director of "Avengers" which is not that great of news, or at least for me because I thought that movie was royally stupid. However, I still cant wait!
I have some ?s though,
*What comes Next? They already defeated the empire!
*What characters are left?
*Who is going to star in this movie? I hope they bring Harrison Ford back! I know he is old but he's AWESOME!
*Why do we have to wait till 2015?? Catching fire comes out in 2014 and I would think that to be a more difficult movie to make than Star Wars.

 Ok, I have to go!  Have a happy Halloween and b safe!
May the Force be With You! -Starz