Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Wish List

Hey!  OK, so, during my rounds on my favorite blogs (that include:Restyle.Restore.Rejoice, 5inch and uptrash to trend, amanda beth online, clothes cameras and coffee  and fashion spot) many of them are putting together a fall wish list.  I shall do the same:)
B by Bernardo Faux-Leather Varsity Jacket from Kohls $66.75
Mudd® Floral Skinny Jeans from Kohls $29.99  I am so getting these!!

Women's Mossimo Orsanna Flats from Trget $19.99 
So Bootcut Corduroy Pants from Kohls $24.99 (can't deside weather I want them in tan or this pink)
Princess Vera Wang London Calling Cropped Twill Jeans From Kohls $31.99 
SO® Glitter Color Skinny Jeans From Kohls $24.99 (these are actually sparkly!)
Princess Vera Wang Floral Skinny Jeans from Kohls $31.99
Candie's® Quilted Moto Jacket from kohls $43.99
Princess Vera Wang Letterman Cardigan from Kohls $27.99
TANDA Zap (heard many good things!)TANDA Zap Home
HeartSoul Lace Ruffled Top from kohls $26.99
SO® Striped Cable-Knit Lurex Sweater from Kohls $14.99
Princess Vera Wang Floral Chiffon Dolman Top from Kohls $21.99
Wallflower Rhinestone Bootcut Jeans $32.99
Mudd® Color Skinny Jeans $25.99
by PESARO from Rack Room Shoes $59.99

Wow! I got carried away! lol:)  Have a great fall! -S