Friday, November 18, 2011

The inspiration of the 60s fashion.

Hey chickies!
I wish magazine covers

 looked like this!

 I just wanted to stop by and share my love of the 60s fashion with you:)  I love this time period because its all so glamorous and inspirational!  So look back and be inspired in your fashion sense!    It would be soooo cool to have it all come back!  Wouldn't it? (especially the boots, hair and make- up!!:) 

Love the pattern!
love the hair, make up, and necklace!
Gorgeous twiggy with disco ball earrings!
Twiggy again!  Wouldn't this look awesome with black converses?
Love the hair and neckline!!
I dig the glasses!
Big Boots Fan!
Well, I gotta split-  Hang loose!  -S

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