Thursday, September 29, 2011

News print nails!

Hello, I stumbled upon this CUTE nail design  a couple of months ago and fell in love!  They are sooo simple for how cute and complicated they look!

Supplies: Cup,Rubbing alcohol (should be at least 50%),newspaper,a light colored nail polish ( like white or tan) ,and some clear nail polish.  

Directions:Cut the newspaper into small squares a little bit larger than your finger. Then  paint your nails with the light colored polish ( like white, beige, light pink, or something to that effect.) Let polish dry thoroughly (at least 5 minuets.) then dip one finger in the alcohol filled cup and count to 12 then place a square of newspaper on top of your nail. slowly and gently rub all over the nail to create a firm bond.  wait count to 15 then slowly peel back the paper and voila!!   Wait for 1 minute, then apply clear nail polish over top, and INSTANT CUTENESS!!!    Side Note: The base nail polish coat should be fresh (like as in just painted) before doing the alcohol and newspaper part or it won't work.  Also make sure after the 1 minute of drying time to immediately apply the clear coat or the ink will rub off.

I used:  White- "French White Tip" by "NYC"
Top coat- "F lawless" by Sally Hansen "Diamond Strength"

Hope you love it!      W/<3 -STARZ*

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