Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello World!!

Hello Ladies My name is Starz I am a 13 year old city girl living in a small town in the heart of horse country (Kentucky) (and no we do not have any horses or live on a farm:)  I have been dreaming about doing a blog for a wile, about random girl stuff (clothes,beauty, nail art, and just tips in general).  I, for some reason, have a fetish for D.I.Y. beauty stuff so that will probably be a lot of this blog.  Also I am a BIG fashoinista!! (probably a little more than i should be:) And I LOVE doing my nails.  So, stay tuned for cool stuff and nifty little ways to honor the Lord while having fun being Heaven Bound Beauties!!

        W/<3  -STARZ*

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