Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marc Jacobs-Awesome Shoes/Underage Models

I immediately just had "something" for these shoes:) They are quite simply AWESOME!! I would absolutely LOVE to try them on and see what they feel like. I am normally not a fan of Marc Jacobs but now I think he is a absolute genius:) So I thought you ladies would enjoy this strange but very artistic shoe style:)

P.s. Did you all hear about the big brew ha ha ha about Marc Jacobs, using two 14 year old models?
The whole fashion industry is FREAKING out! LOL I personally don't really see the problem with it, it's not like they are modeling lingerie (that i know of:) and they stand 5'9 the same as normal adult runway models so... feelings? Comment. Pictures of the two underage models on the runway at the top. Crazy outfits huh?

Note: I am, in NO way supporting Marc Jacobs as a person! I completely do NOT agree with some of his life choices. Please keep in mind:)

Love to all!

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